Screenmobile Corporation Case Study


Key Takeaways

  • Screenmobile, a mobile screen repair company that caters to customers and franchisees alike, found their newly launched website being slowed and hidden by technical issues.
  • These issues made it harder for them to reach their consumers – which made the lives of their franchisees, who relied on the brand’s marketing for business, more difficult as well.
  • Through a technical cleanup and site speed fixes, Redefine Marketing Group improved the overall user experience, improving the site’s ability to rank for their target keywords.
  • Additionally, we helped them reach local audiences by boosting their presence in their local 3-pack and creating content that would drive traffic to the site.

The client

When it comes to porches, patios, and windows, the Screenmobile Corporation has its customers covered – literally. The brand is the largest mobile screen repair company in the United States, using the tagline “America’s Neighborhood Screen Stores”. The still-expanding, franchise-based operation opens up windows of opportunity to hundreds of franchisees in over 140+ locations.   

Screenmobile proudly measures, manufactures, and installs new window and porch screens right on location for its customers. Best of all, for the franchisees doing those fittings, Screenmobile also has an established name and marketing in place to help ensure their success. 

That, however, is why a hiccup in its marketing could have a domino effect of consequences for its franchisees.  

The challenge 

When we kicked off our campaign with Screenmobile, the brand had just launched a brand new website. Unfortunately, technical issues made it difficult to catch the attention of search engines, keeping certain pages out of search results. With search traffic taking up an entire third of Screenmobile’s online traffic share, the channel was essential for driving new business. 

At the time, Screenmobile lacked the resources for an in-house digital marketing team – especially not an eagle-eyed one that could snatch up technical SEO issues that would harm their business. A digital marketing team would also help them reach their goals of increasing national brand awareness while generating leads for their local franchisees. 

Redefine Marketing Group’s solution 

Upon combing the site, Redefine Marketing Group uncovered doorway pages, slow web servers, and other technical issues that would hinder organic growth in its tracks. Not only that, but these errors would tank Screenmobile’s domain authority. 

The first course of action was to build a solid SEO-focused foundation for the site and its strategy, cleaning up those technical issues from the backend and zeroing in on high-priority categories. Since Screenmobile has a local focus for its franchisees, we looked at increasing local organic reach and optimizing listings to snag a spot in the local 3-pack as much as possible. 

How we did it 

Technical Cleanup 

Before we could write and optimize content, we needed to repair the holes in Screenmobile’s site and improve the overall user experience. We noticed right away that their robots.txt file was experiencing a 30-second crawl delay – best practices indicate that crawlers should be allowed to navigate a website at their own pace. Not only that, but their backend WordPress areas were not being excluded from crawls, and their XML sitemap was missing. 

Removing the delay, disallowing the admin area, and adding the XML Sitemap address to the robots.txt field would allow search engines to spend more time crawling the most important pages of Screenmobile’s website. 

On top of that, optimizing their site speed, fixing doorway pages, and doing general tech housekeeping of the site set the perfect stage for us to keep sprucing the site up from an SEO standpoint. 

Visibility in high-priority categories 

Sliding screen doors, motorized screens, retractable doors and more made up the most pressing categories for Screenmobile to rank in. Splitting their terms up into East and West Coast buckets, we identified the keywords we’d need to target in order to build a presence for the brand in those search results. 

Our strategy was to update existing category pages with these targeted keywords, internally linking from the blog and from each other – Screemobile’s site had several pages with just one internal link in them. 

We’d also create new blog content that related to these categories to support our keywords and establish expertise. Through an influx of new content, we’d be able to build Screenmobile’s authority in this area. 

Part of building visibility – not just for their category pages, but the whole site – involved testing and optimization of their metadata. Upon inspection, we found pages that were missing meta tags, had page titles over the character limit, and images that were missing alt attributes – crucial for SEO and accessibility alike. 

We set forth on a thorough review of the site’s metadata, offering solutions and revisions throughout. 

Keeping it local 

With Screenmobile’s 140+ regional markets serving heavily localized products and services, we knew that a local focus was needed to ensure that franchisees were able to reach potential customers. 

First, we’d ensure that local listings were search engine friendly, aiming to show up in local 3-packs throughout the country. With access to their Palm Desert location’s Google Business Profile, we went all in with a full local campaign, including Google Business Profile optimizations, Google Post content, and local directory submissions. 

To keep all bases covered, we also provided Screenmobile with a Google Business Profile review solicitation template – it would be usable by all franchise locations to help net reviews for local franchisees. 

Reaching even further, we performed an audit of how Screenmobile’s information was showing up across manufacturer websites. From a search engine perspective, NAP – name, address, phone number – consistency is critical for local rankings. Not only that, but it opened up a few backlinking opportunities, as well. 

The results were clear 

Though their launch was hindered by technical issues, a boost of content, local focus, and a thorough website scrub-down created an amazing turnaround for the mobile screen window repair business. When they paired up with Redefine Marketing Group, Screenmobile saw blog sessions jump by a staggering 2,500+. 

Not only that, but they enjoyed 122% more page 1 rankings, with a 108% rise in keywords they were sitting in the 1-3 position for. Those rankings weren’t just for show, either – Screenmobile’s 8.8% jump in their goal conversion rate showed that the right pages had reached the right users. 

+2500+108%+8.8% +122%
Blog SessionsPosition 1-3 RankingsGoal Conversion RatePage 1 Rankings

Still on the move 

This mobile screen repair business continues to ride forward with Redefine Marketing Group. Screenmobile’s success shows that it takes both technical and content expertise to really make a difference. We are still dedicated to bringing high-quality optimization to the brand’s site – and we could do the same for you. 

Want to learn more about how we can spark your organic growth? Contact us today. 

See the full case study here. 

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