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We're digital marketers.

Why we do what we do

Digital marketing is our superpower, and we’re happy to use it for good. We love helping our clients get the attention they deserve online.


Our team of marketers can make your vision a reality.

Technical & On-page


Making an impact in organic search requires creativity, technical expertise, knowledge of algorithm trends, and a user-first mentality. Through a combination of creative talent and strategic thinking, we’ll create an SEO strategy that will help drive qualified traffic to your site.

Management & Outreach

Link Building

A balanced SEO campaign means paying just as much attention to off-page SEO as you do to on-page and technical SEO. With our link building expertise, we’ll help you capture quality backlinks that support and amplify your other SEO efforts.

Strategy & Development

Content Marketing

Good content is the difference between blending in and standing out. We can help boost site traffic, engage your customer base, and increase customer loyalty with our content. From blog posts to on-page copy, we’re ready to show you the difference quality content can make.

Strategy & Management

Social Media

Need help managing your social media but don’t know where to start? We can help! From LinkedIn and Twitter to Facebook, we use cutting-edge social media marketing strategies to help businesses grow and meet their goals.

Results we're proud of

Our Work

Redirecting Authority to Rank New Resources

Using High-Quality Content to Build Healthy Backlinks

Rebooting Growth Through Cohesive Strategy

What it's like to work us

Engagement Roadmap

Step 1.


This phase includes getting access to the platforms we need, performing keyword research, and digging into your industry to ensure our strategy is competitive. We take our time with this phase, as it sets the groundwork for the rest of the campaign.

Step 2.


Once we’ve completed the research phase and have formulated an overarching strategy, we roll up our sleeves and get dirty. During this phase we’ll send you deliverables and recommendations to implement on your site. This is the fun part!

Step 3.


At Redefine Marketing Group, we’re never satisfied with results. We’re constantly optimizing, re-optimizing, and A/B testing to ensure our clients get the very best results. So just sit back, relax, and let us do our thing.

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Redirecting Authority to Rank New Resources

Stansberry Research is a U.S.-based publishing company that provides in-depth investment research and newsletters for self-directed investors. In 2021, Stansberry Research launched a custom-built investment research...
  • Strategy

    SEO, Content, Link Building

  • Client

    Stansberry Investor

View Project
April 1, 2022

Using High-Quality Content to Build Healthy Backlinks

As HYPR sought to kickstart its next phase of growth, the organization chose to lean on organic search for help at the start of Q2 ‘22...
  • Strategy

    Content + Off-page SEO

  • Client

    HYPR Corporation

View Project

Rebooting Growth Through Cohesive Strategy

Screenmobile Corporation is the largest mobile screen repair service in the United States. As a franchise-based operation with 140+ locations, hundreds of franchisees’ livelihoods depend on...
  • Strategy

    SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building

  • Client

    Screenmobile Corporation

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