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The Skyscraper Technique is a strategic approach in content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) designed to build upon the success of existing popular content. This technique involves three core steps: identifying high-performing content within a specific niche, creating content that surpasses the original in depth, quality, and value, and engaging in outreach to secure backlinks from those who have linked to the original piece. By doing so, marketers aim to leverage the established success of existing content to enhance their own content’s visibility and authority.

Foundations of the skyscraper technique

Identifying link-worthy content

The first step requires thorough research to identify content that has achieved significant success in terms of links and engagement. Tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush can help marketers find content with a strong backlink profile, signaling its value and popularity within the community.

Creating superior content

Once a target piece is identified, the challenge is to create content that is noticeably superior. This can involve expanding on the original topic with more up-to-date information, incorporating multimedia elements (such as infographics and videos), and ensuring the content is more comprehensive and user-friendly. The goal is to offer undeniable value that makes your content the preferred choice for linking.

Outreach and promotion

The final step is to conduct outreach to those who have linked to the original article, along with other influential voices in the niche. This step requires tactful communication, presenting the new content as a more valuable resource for their audience. The success of this phase heavily depends on the quality of the new content and the effectiveness of the outreach strategy.

Benefits of the skyscraper technique

Enhanced backlink profile

Successfully executing the Skyscraper Technique can significantly boost a website’s backlink profile, improving its SEO performance and overall domain authority.

Increased visibility and traffic

Superior content that ranks higher in search engine results and is linked from multiple sources tends to attract more visibility, driving increased traffic to your website.

Positioning as an industry authority

By consistently creating content that sets a new standard for quality and value, a brand can establish itself as a thought leader and authoritative voice within its industry.

Implementing the skyscraper technique: best practices

Quality over quantity

The focus should always be on surpassing the original content’s quality. Mere length without substantial value won’t suffice in convincing others to link to your content.

Personalized outreach

Customize your outreach messages to highlight the specific value your content adds, making it clear why linking to your piece benefits their audience.

Continuous improvement

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so is content. Continually update your skyscraper content to keep it relevant and maintain its position as the go-to resource.


The Skyscraper Technique represents a strategic blend of content creation and link-building efforts. It aims to capitalize on existing successful content to propel your own content’s visibility and authority. With a commitment to quality and strategic outreach, marketers can employ this technique to not only reach new heights in their content marketing efforts but also enrich the overall value offered to their audience.

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