Why did the website apply for a job in construction? It heard backlinks were the best way to build a solid foundation! 🚧👷‍♂️

A backlink is a hyperlink that redirects the user who clicked or tapped on it to your website. This differs from outbound and internal links — two other forms of hyperlinks — in that it specifically refers only to incoming links to your website or the website in question.

Backlinks or inbound links, as they’re commonly called, cannot necessarily be deliberately created. This is because these types of hyperlinks inherently rely on others deciding to link to your website from their own. However, there are ways to encourage backlinks. These can include creating high-quality content that will naturally compel people to share it or even tactfully requesting that others link to your content.

Why backlinks matter in SEO

There is more than one reason why backlinks are important in SEO. The first is traffic. The goal of SEO is often to drive traffic, and backlinks are an effective means of doing just that in many cases. When reliable websites link back to a certain website, search engines recognize the content as more useful and will increase the page’s ranking.

SEO backlinks can be thought of as roads that lead right to your website. One way to think of SEO is as a way of acquiring better online real estate for your website. For brick-and-mortar businesses, having real estate that helps people physically get to your store is crucial in driving foot traffic. Backlinks can be thought of as nearby roadways that are conducive to higher traffic and better “real estate.”

The second reason why backlinks are important in SEO is that they can be a signal that your content is considered helpful. In SEO, backlinks can help you better understand which of your content is compelling enough that others feel the need to share it and link back to it. This can help you decide what type of content to continue making to keep ranking well on search engines and continue encouraging backlinks on other websites.

Beyond SEO

Backlinks can be an important way to generate a presence on social media platforms, for example. This can happen in the form of social media users linking to your website on a Facebook post, in their Instagram bio, or even on their Instagram story. While social media backlinks may not result in a follow or a like, these backlinks can serve as a vital bridge between external digital marketing channels and your home website. This can be an important part of a strategy to enhance not only your website’s presence but also your brand’s presence across social media.

Encouraging backlinks

There are a few ways to encourage backlinks, but perhaps the most straightforward is simply focusing on high-quality content. This can look like creating engaging, fact-checked content that users can turn to for the information they need. Giving users a reason to share links to your website can be a highly effective way of driving backlinks. Additionally, partnering with other adjacent voices and brands can help encourage a mutual relationship wherein brands help one another position themselves as thought leaders.

A little more on backlinks

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