The Future Of Marketing: Are Your Skills Up To Date?


Marketing has grown a lot since the invention of the Internet. In the past, marketing strategies were limited to TV, radio and print commercials. Now, there are so many options that users are being bombarded with ads from all sides. 

However, technology isn’t just about creating more ways to reach the client but also about improving the overall customer experience. These are the technologies that are changing the marketing industry and that you should start learning to keep your skillset up-to-date. 

Chatbots For Customer Service

Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence-powered software that can answer simple inquires from clients. They are generally located in the corner of the company’s website and communicate through text messages. The benefit of chatbots is that they are on 24/7 and help to minimize work for the usually limited human resources. 

Many companies already implement this technology for their customer service, but soon chatbots will also be able to communicate through voice calls. Besides, customers prefer it that way: 74 percent of users say they prefer chatbots for simple questions. 

To enter this niche and familiarized yourself with the technology, you could learn data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the next few years, chatbots will only become more frequent and will reach new horizons, even reaching clients through instant messaging apps. 


People say an image speaks a thousand words, so what does a video say? We are a generation used to visual stimuli. People spend a lot of time watching videos on platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Videos are more efficient when it comes to making an impression. 

Videography is a powerful tool for marketing strategy, especially when combined with social media and influencer marketing. Around 70 percent of companies believe video marketing has improved their conversion rates, and more than half of customers feel more confident about a brand after watching a video. 

You don’t have to be an expert to start using videos on your marketing campaigns; there are many platforms on the internet that do the hard work for you. If you want to make videos like an expert, many online courses are cheap and teach you everything you need. 

Personalized Emails

Email is one of the oldest marketing platforms since the Internet became popular and accessible to every household. People use email platforms for personal and commercial communications, and it practically represents your online identity. A person can’t do any transactions online without an email account. 

Email marketing campaigns have evolved with the technology, and now companies not only can send thousands of emails with one click; they can also personalize them. Personalized emails are possible with big data, which is all the information that is stored on the Internet. This data can often be accessed just with the user’s email. 

Companies can create email marketing campaigns that send emails that have personalized products for each user, depending on their preferences. It’s all done automatically with big data analytics and data science. However, companies don’t have to have data scientists in their team to create these campaigns. There are SaaS companies that offer these services. 

Customer Insights

As mentioned above, big data is all of the information that can be collected from the Internet. It can be structured data like phone numbers and emails, or unstructured data like how many clicks a user did on your website. This information can become powerful insights. Using big data analytics, companies can make decisions in things like marketing campaigns. 

Companies are already using these technologies to create profiles of their users to know things like what they like, and how they are more likely to buy products. The idea is to get to know the customer and offer them precisely what they are more likely to buy. Big data has changed the marketing industry. It is already ruling many of the decisions companies make when it comes to marketing. 

Mixed Reality

One of the main problems with online shopping is not being able to try out and touch the products before buying them. Mixed reality technologies are transforming the marketing industry and solving this issue once and for all. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are still a relatively new development, but some companies already have these features in their online mobile apps. 

Customers can “try out” things like clothing or shoes using the cameras in their smartphones. They can see how an outfit looks on them or the real dimensions of any product. Learning about mixed reality is a sure bet to keep your skills up-to-date for the marketing industry.

Reach Out for Help 

When it comes to staying ahead of the curve, sometimes the best thing a company can do is know when they need to bring in some help. At RMG, we’ll stay on top of every aspect of digital marketing, from content to social media, for you, so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.


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Mauricio has close to 20 years of digital experience and a core foundation in the technical side of SEO. He’s led and executed strategy both in-house and on the agency side and enjoys defining successful strategies for our clients.
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