The Bouqs: Case Study


  • The Bouqs was disrupting the floral e-commerce industry by delivering both quality and sustainability with their floral arrangement online delivery services. However, as a newer face on the scene, they found themselves fighting an uphill battle against other online flower delivery brands. 
  • Ultimately, what they needed was increased authority and to expand their number of keyword rankings. 
  • They lacked a few crucial internal resources that they needed to churn out as much of the content as they wanted – or needed – to boost up those page views or session metrics. 
  • Redefine Marketing Group streamlined the content creation process to produce 75 pieces of content per month over six months, pushing their sessions and new user metrics up exponentially.

The client

Here, we partnered with The Bouqs, a florist and gift shop putting an eco-friendly twist on floral arrangements and plant delivery. They believe in the power the gift of flowers holds to change someone’s day, outlook, or relationship. According to the Bouqs, kindness is always in season. 

Founders (and former college classmates) John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montufar launched their Marina del Rey floral company with hopes of becoming a disruptive force and industry leader in online floral delivery.  Taking root in 2012, the company shook up the traditional supply chain by eliminating its overhead – no warehouses or distribution centers here. Their network of artisan florists is connected right to their buyers. 

Because of their farm direct sourcing and dedication to working with growers who use sustainable practices, they aim for blooms that stay fresher longer and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Harper’s Bazaar listed them as one of five stylish floral delivery services to shop now. We’re inclined to agree! 

The challenge 

While business had certainly been blooming since their Shark Tank debut, it wasn’t all roses. Specifically, when compared to long-established floral names, they were considered a late arrival to the landscape of online flower delivery. They found themselves competing with other online florist businesses for search rankings and visibility. 

Growth in sessions had dropped to a crawl, stalling YOY. The Bouqs didn’t have the internal resources to research and curate the volume of content they needed to improve their domain authority and expand the number of keywords they could rank for – two things that would keep their conversion rates from wilting. 

Redefine’s solution 

Once we were familiar with The Bouqs’ goals and challenges, we were ready to sow the seeds of organic growth. 

Our first course of action was to create a monthly editorial process. The target of this approach was to streamline all parts of the process by which content populated The Bouqs’ website. Everything about their content creation process was fine-tuned and developed. Ultimately, we published 75 pieces of content per month over six months. 

How we did it 

Redefine’s vetted team of writers and SEO experts got right to work, polishing the research, creation, approval, editing, and posting of the pieces of content that would help them compete with other floral e-commerce names in the industry. Those content topics were hyper-targeted to the Five W’s that Google loves to use in featured snippets. 

To ensure SEO success, we built a Center of Excellence for The Bouqs that detailed publishing, finding topics, and optimizing on-page content. Our Center of Excellence was designed to help them understand our process, and gave them the tools to continue these processes going forward. 

Content and keywords

On the content side, we analyzed low-performing category pages in an effort to improve rankings and traffic and created keyword-optimized content to populate them. 

We helped produce blog posts covering topics from caring for tulips to wedding flowers, and plenty in between, all with CTAs designed to leverage the blog as a better tool for e-commerce. These posts informed the reader and answered their questions while driving them toward placing an order with The Bouqs.

We also focused on The Bouqs’ striking distance keywords, identifying opportunities for specific keywords to slide into body copy and as internal links. Pages that might have been sitting at #11-#30 in the search rankings were tweaked and tuned just enough to push into the coveted first page of Google’s search results. Ultimately, the goal was increased domain authority. 

The blog wasn’t the only spot that needed sprucing up. To optimize their SERP landscape, we got to work filling out the site with more informative content, especially on the homepage, category pages, and product pages. 

The difference six months can make 

When all was said and done after our six-month tenure with this sustainable flower brand, The Bouqs’ enjoyed an increase in new users of 1,194%. Sessions went up as well, rising 1,288% from where they sat where we began. 

Keyword rankings and page one rankings had jumped too, to the tune of 389% and 335%, respectively. 

+1,194%+1,288% +389%+335%
New Users Sessions # of Keyword Rankings # of Page 1 Rankings 

The reviews are in 

The Bouqs came away from their experience with RMG pleased with the success of their new sales-driving content strategy. Serena Wong, Director of Search Marketing at The Bouqs, had this to say about her experience with Redefine Marketing Group: 

“Not only has Redefine streamlined a flawless process for on-site + off-site SEO integration, they’ve tailored a unique go to market strategy to drive incremental sales from an organic perspective. The team truly embodies all aspects of professionalism and sets themselves apart from other leaders in the industry through their attention to detail, innovative solutions + comprehensive knowledge of the digital landscape.”

Redefine can help 

At Redefine, we love helping our clients outrank their competitors with high-quality content, and we have experience creating content in many different industries, from SaaS and education to healthcare and law. Contact us today for more information on how we can help take your content to the next level.

View a PDF of this case study here.

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