Ten Resources for Continuing Your SEO Education

  • SEO is an ever-changing field where there’s always more to learn.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, there are great SEO resources available to you.
  • Some of the best SEO resources are online publications and blogs.
  • There are also a number of great SEO courses and training online, many of which are free.

SEO is an ever-changing field, and there’s always something new to learn. It’s a field that keeps you on your toes, and for many – including the team at RMG – that’s the best part of the job. Thankfully our favorite place (the internet) is full of resources designed to help digital marketers keep their SEO skills and knowledge sharp. From publications to online courses, any of these resources could be the next great addition to your SEO toolbox.

Ten great SEO resources

SEO blogs and publications

There’s a number of blogs and online publications we swear by. Some are great for keeping up with the latest SEO news. Others are like giant digital marketing encyclopedias written by the best experts in the game. Check these out, bookmark them, and get to reading!

  1. Search Engine Journal: This is a go-to source for everything under the SEO sun. Covering SEO, PPC, content, and social media, SEJ publishes not only news stories but also webinars, e-books, videos, a podcast, and more. You can also look to them for reviews of the latest Google algorithm updates.
  2. Search Engine Land: This is a great companion to Search Engine Journal, covering similar topics with similar types of content of an equally high caliber.
  3. Content Marketing Institute: For longform articles, expert tips, videos, interviews, and more focused specifically on content marketing, there’s no better resource than Content Marketing Institute. You can subscribe to get their fantastic content straight into your inbox. You can also make use of their training and consulting programs for a more “advanced” SEO education, for a price. More on that later in this blog.
  4. Hubspot: The Hubspot platform is a giant in CRM, CMS, and more, so you can trust that their blogs provide top-notch, up-to-date content from digital marketing experts. Find in-depth articles on marketing, sales, website building, tech, and more. You can also watch webinars, listen to their podcast, and (as we explain later) take advantage of free courses and training.
  5. Buffer blog: Buffer is a respected social media marketing platform. With social media only ever increasing in importance in SEO, it’s a good idea to keep Buffer’s blog in your back pocket.

SEO courses and training

In addition to blogs and publications, there’s a wealth of online courses and training to help SEO professionals deepen their skills and knowledge. Many are free while others come with a price. Read about your options below.

  1. SEMRush Academy: We’ve talked about SEMRush before because it’s one of our go-to tools for keyword research and competitor analysis. SEMRush Academy is an extremely useful, totally free resource from some of the most expert minds in the SEO field.  You can choose from a range of SEO courses depending on your needs. Some of our team members have used SEMRush Academy to gain valuable knowledge and certifications.
  2. Moz SEO Learning Center: Moz is another all-in-one suite of SEO tools that many SEOs swear by for keyword research, link building, site audits, rank tracking, reporting, and more. They also provide an extensive set of educational resources through their SEO Learning Center. Resources range from beginner level to advanced topics – check out their beginner’s SEO guide to get a taste of the educational experience you’ll get with Moz.
  3. Hubspot Academy: This is another 100% free resource provided by a well-established marketing platform. Hubspot’s courses and certifications are great for anyone wanting to learn more about content management, building a great website, improving customer service, and inbound marketing.
  4. Content Marketing University: Also called CMI U for short, this educational resource is from our favorite content experts, CMI, mentioned in the first section of this blog. If you love their articles but want to go deeper, check out CMI U’s self-paced, 10-module program. Unfortunately it’s not free, but “discounts are available for groups, non-profits, students, and returning attendees.” This could be a great investment for enterprise-level education.

Bonus: Reddit

Never underestimate the power of Reddit for finding creative solutions to tricky problems. Digital marketing Reddit is full of super smart SEO experts talking shop and thinking outside the box. If you like a dynamic, social approach to your education, you should definitely be surfing subreddits like r/SEO, r/marketing, r/digital_marketing, and similar communities.

Class dismissed

Good job – you’ve already taken a big step in your SEO education just by checking out this list. We’ll let it all sink in for now, but know that this is just a small fraction of all the great tools available, both on and offline, to help you supercharge your skills.

If you’re curious about other SEO resources, consider attending workshops or summits. Many of these are totally virtual so you can access them without leaving home (or work). Talk to your colleagues to learn about their go-to sources. And of course, check out RMG’s blog for up-to-date SEO tips and guides created by a team of passionate experts!

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