SnapLogic Case Study


Key takeaways

  • Though they’d been working with another SEO agency for upwards of two years, their growth had hit a plateau – something no one wants to see for their site. In the face of the competition’s solid SEO strategies, SnapLogic was starting to lose pace. 
  • With a campaign focused on site performance, link optimization, and a competitor-ranking-focused content strategy, Redefine Marketing Group helped this B2B SaaS company see a 53% uptick in keyword visibility, plus their number of pages ranked in position 1-3 skyrocketed by 200%. 
  • During the same period in which RMG worked with SnapLogic, their competitors saw little to no growth. This helped them get the step they needed to overtake even its top competitor with higher visibility. 

The client

SnapLogic is on a mission: bring enterprise automation to everyone, and have a bit of fun while doing it. The brand positions itself on the front lines of the current digital transformation, creating a single platform that empowers users to automate data and application integrations with minimal effort. With low code/no code processes, they create accessible automation through their Intelligent Integration platform and SnapLogicAutoSync. 

Founded by Gaurav Dhillon in 2009, SnapLogic delivered the industry’s first AI-powered integration in 2017, and hopes to continue leading the surging enterprise automation market through 2023. 

The challenge 

While their SaaS vertical is new, that doesn’t mean it’s obscure, and SnapLogic didn’t have the ‘first mover’ advantage that would keep them above the rest of the crowd. Enterprise automation is a hot-button topic in today’s digital workforce landscape, which means the competition is steep – and aggressive. The brands SnapLogic went toe-to-toe with were well-versed in SEO, PR, and content marketing. 

To make matters worse, SnapLogic did not have a wealth of development resources, and had been hitting a wall with their previous SEO agency. 

Redefine Marketing Group’s solution 

Upon discussing the competition SnapLogic was up against and analyzing where they stood, Redefine Marketing Group knew that an intensive technical, on-page, and content audit was the first course of action. 

SnapLogic wanted to increase its organic presence on relevant key terms in hopes of driving sign-ups for its platform. The key metrics to zero in on to do that were traffic, keyword visibility growth, free trials, demo requests, and lead capture. Using third-party data for traffic estimates and broad keyword performance, we reviewed technical SEO elements to pick out any underlying issues that might drag the site down in terms of performance.

How we did it 

Keywords and keyword mapping 

First, we dove into a keyword and content strategy that significantly increased the target landscape. We utilized keyword-to-page mapping to ensure relevant keyword targeting and supported blog tagging and categorization when necessary. When making changes to a page, both SnapLogic and Redefine Marketing Group had the mapping document to reference to ensure that the page was still integrated with a specific keyword. 

RMG evaluated every page individually to ensure that all of the primary keywords used reflected that page’s theme. Additionally, we validated that keyword usage through search volume, competition level, and current rankings. 

Stronger linking

Through our content teams, we created guest posts that would be placed on relevant third-party sites to increase visibility and drive conversion. Guest posts allow a brand to build thought leadership, and strengthen that ever-valuable backlink profile. With such steep competition, strong backlinks are a crucial weapon that SnapLogic needed in its arsenal. 

It wasn’t just the backlinks that were polished, either. While we created offsite content, we optimized their internal linking to influence how authority flowed through the site, thus impacting primary pages and overall rankings. 

Technical optimization 

There’s always room for a little additional fine-tuning on any website that hopes to rank higher and increase visibility.

For example, we underwent a round of CTR testing to evaluate page title and description changes, comparing what did and did not improve the click-through rate. We combed through the XML Sitemap to scour for any pages that were triggering 404 errors, and removed duplicate XML files. Our audit discovered that SnapLogic had mixed HTTP/HTTPS content; we ensured that all of their resources resided on HTTPS. 

After improving the site architecture, including taxonomy, internal linking, and reviewing their URL and breadcrumbs, SnapLogic’s site was ready to blast past even the most aggressive of their enterprise automation competitors. 

The difference six months can make 

While their competitors in the B2B SaaS verticals were hitting plateaus of their own, SnapLogic was given all of the tools they needed to become a rankings superstar. Through working with Redefine Marketing Group over just six months, SnapLogic now had an additional 200 page one Google rankings under its belt, with a 200% increase in what was ranking in positions 1-3. 

What drove SnapLogic’s visibility was how strongly they now ranked for competitive keywords relevant to their industry. 

Keyword Visibility Position 1-3 RankingsPosition 4-10 RankingsPage 1 Rankings

SnapLogic is prepared for anything

Because of Redefine’s focused keyword mapping and technical optimizations, SnapLogic became a leader in their B2B SaaS vertical, rocketing past similar businesses with competing products. Pleased with their results, SnapLogic went forward full prepared with the tools they needed to avoid those dreaded plateaus. 

The Redefine solution

At Redefine, we love helping our clients rank ahead of even the most aggressive, well-armed competitors for any vertical – from SaaS and e-commerce, to fundraising and law. Contact us today for more information on how we can help refresh, revitalize, and redefine your marketing strategies. 

View a PDF of this case study here. 

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