Maximize Your ROI By Converting High-Value Leads First


  • Focusing on visitors with the highest intent shows most significant ROI.
  • Marketers should use search terms to identify visitors with high intent.
  • Social media marketing can be used to start a dialogue with users who know very little about your brand.
  • Marketing strategies should start with SEO, SEM, and remarketing before using social media prospecting and other middle funnel tactics.

Based on research and experience, the most successful digital marketing strategies center around consumer intent. Typically, visitors are divided into two groups: those who are still shopping around, and those who are close to making a final purchase or decision.

Here at Redefine Marketing Group, we’ve found that focusing paid digital marketing campaigns on the visitors with the highest intent first shows the most significant value to our clients and highest return on their digital marketing spend.

Top of Funnel vs. Bottom of Funnel

Most commonly these intent divisions or audience groups are visualized as a funnel. For any group that may or may not convert, there will always be more people just finding out about specific products and services (top of funnel) than those who eventually become a sale or lead (bottom of funnel). So for any particular business goal, the audiences become smaller and more well defined the closer to the conversion point they are.

Now that we know some basics about the way in which visitors progress through their buying journey, let’s define the marketing channels and tactics within a successful digital media plan, starting with the highest intent users first. After all, this group tends to show the quickest return for our clients.

Turning to Search for Clues

How do we correlate high intent users and the marketing channels that correspond? The same way you probably reached this page: by using a search engine.

More often than not, when any user is looking for something in particular, they will perform a search. The terms they use to perform this search help us identify them as someone with either high or low intent. Paid search and organic search are two of the most important channels for any business or organization. Not only do we offer both of these services to our clients, but our paid search and SEO teams work in conjunction with each other to give you the best bang for your buck.

The Power of Remarketing & Paid Social

The other way to identify valuable digital visitors is knowing which visitors have come to your website before. Using small pieces of code installed on your site, we can put these users into a group we intend to target later. This is called remarketing.

When these users navigate to other sites and read other content, your ads will appear next to the content they are now consuming. Remarketing conversion rates tend to be the highest among all digital marketing tactics. Remarketing is a tactic that can be executed using display, social, and search channels and is, therefore, a tactic that we prioritize in all channels before any prospecting campaign.

Now that we are converting your “low hanging fruit,” we need to start a dialogue with the users who may know a little about your brand and what you offer. Paid social media marketing works incredibly well in this capacity. It makes sense: social media is how we have digital conversations both in our personal lives and in a business setting, so why wouldn’t we use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all the other social channels to start a dialogue of value with your prospects?

Using Your Value Proposition Effectively

Our strategy, as you can see, moves backwards through the funnel. At the beginning of their journey are users who have shown the least knowledge of your brand. It is essential to reach these individuals with clear messaging about your products and services and why they have value over your competitors.

This messaging can be either a monetary benefit or a time-saving benefit or just something that will lead to happiness. These benefits are considered your value proposition. They are paramount to connecting with users in this audience group and should grab them emotionally and entice them to want them to find out more about your brand. Digital marketing channels that correspond with this part of a thoughtful digital marketing plan and are programmatic display and targeted video, both of which we help our clients with regularly.

The Perfect Combination: SEM, SEO, and Remarketing

In conclusion, our digital marketing strategies start with recommendations for SEM, SEO, and remarketing. Once we maximize budgets there, we suggest using social media prospecting and other middle funnel tactics. Lastly, you need always to gain more users interested in your brand and offerings, so we add in programmatic display and additional upper funnel digital channels to the overall digital marketing plan. This system prioritizes the generation of most natural sales and leads first but ensures that there will always be new prospects to reach and help along their journey, providing a profitable investment and return on your digital marketing efforts.

To learn how SEM, SEO, and remarketing can help your brand, let us put together a proposal for you.

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Mauricio has close to 20 years of digital experience and a core foundation in the technical side of SEO. He’s led and executed strategy both in-house and on the agency side and enjoys defining successful strategies for our clients.
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