Five Awesome Tools Every SEO Should Have In Their Arsenal


  • Google changes its algorithms hundreds of times a year, and shifting user trends create challenges for SEO professionals.
  • The most useful SEO tools help SEOs convert data into actionable goals.
  • The primary types of SEO tools are keyword analysis, ranking, content optimization, links analysis, and technical SEO, though there are several all-in-one toolkits.
  • Save costs by hiring a digital marketing agency like RMG, which will give you access to all these amazing tools at a lower price.

The world of organic search is a fast-paced one, with Google tweaking its algorithms hundreds of times per year. As if it weren’t enough of a challenge to stay on top of Google’s rules, there are plenty of user trends to keep an eye on, such as a move toward long-tailed keywords (over four words), increased mobile (and local) searches, and a growing emphasis on quality content.

So how does a digital marketing team keep up? Staying competitive in the organic search game means striking a delicate balance between what Google sees (data) and what your audience sees (content), efficiently analyzing the former in order to optimize both.

Luckily, for every one of Google’s yearly algorithm tweaks, there’s an SEO tool out there designed to help digital marketing professionals navigate it.

What do SEO Tools Do?

SEO tools generally fall under one or more of a handful of categories: keyword analysis, ranking, content optimization, links analysis (like link building and removal), and technical SEO. Most SEO experts will stand by the highly favored SEMRush, a paid all-in-one toolkit that performs virtually all of the previously mentioned roles in one powerful platform. Equally crucial is Google Analytics, the free digital analytics tool that empowers your company to test the value of SEO for your business, create data-driven goals, and implement interventions.

There are also a number of free or freemium extensions and plug-ins tailored specifically to one or two of the main categories, letting digital marketers build a custom deck of tools fitted to your specific needs. Must-haves are the free and paid versions of data scrapers like Woorank (particularly useful for competitor analysis), as well as snippet optimization tools like SEO Mofo’s SERP snippet preview tool.

But among nearly two hundred common SEO tools of varying power, specialty, and ease of use, finding the gems can be daunting. So we’ve put together a list of some of the lesser-known SEO must-haves for any digital marketing professional.

#1 Screaming Frog

Fast Data Analysis and Audits

SEO experts and digital marketers love Screaming Frog because of its fast data analysis. Its paid version offers uniquely streamlined audits, particularly through its SEO Spider, which mines data for an entire webpage – everything from broken links to un-optimized title tags – and lets you quickly and easily save to a clean spreadsheet, making both self-audits and competitor analysis a snap.

#2 Supermetrics

Data Analytics Integration System

Another data analytics must-have, Supermetrics‘ paid versions help entrepreneurs and SEO professionals navigate their data by integrating data from multiple platforms into a single view, for faster, simpler, more streamlined analytics. Supermetrics will pull data from ranking tools, backlink analytics, social media analytics, site crawling, keyword tools, and more, then put them all together for easy synthesis, freeing up time and energy for strategizing and goal-creation.

#3 Data Miner

Accessible Data Scraping Tool

Offering popular free and paid versions, this Chrome extension lets you extract and easily sort and save data from your browser into a spreadsheet. Definitely a tech-oriented tool, it has several custom functions, but is praised for its ease of use even for someone with no coding experience. Check out these other data mining tools here.

#4 Majestic

Link Index

Majestic’s massive link index makes backlink analysis a breeze. Users praise its simple synthesis and presentation of data, allowing for easy comparison with competitors, as well as easy sharing with clients or other teams to optimize transparency and implementation of goals. Majestic also offers special features designed to optimize the authority of the sites you’re linked to.

#5 BuzzSumo

Content Optimization Tool

Users from small businesses and big corporations alike stand by BuzzSumo for its approach to influencer and social media analysis. BuzzSumo does offer a free version, but paid versions unlock premium features. This tool lets you track exactly who shared what on Twitter, and alerts you when a particular keyword pops up around the web – great for analysis of your own web presence as well as competitor analysis.

Of course, the above list represents only a fraction of the SEO power out there, developed by talented SEO veterans and programmers aiming to help your company transform all the data at your fingertips into actionable goals.

That said, building a solid deck of professional SEM and SEO tools can get expensive fast. With Redefine Marketing Group, on the other hand, you’ll have access to powerful tools at a fraction of the cost. Let us bring the tools – and expertise – to you. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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