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When a company creates a community around a brand, purpose, set of values, or even a single activity, community management techniques will help businesses create genuine, lasting relationships with clients, supporters, and their general audience.

Communities are usually divided into two audience categories. Internal, which includes employers, vendors, and business partners that are creating the foundation for their community, and external, which comprises followers, customers, influencers, and even un-involved but curious parties. 

Community management starts with building a community to begin with – creating an authentically enthused group of people who engage with each other over shared interests or goals through various means. It fosters a network that allows a brand or business to grow and personally engage with its audience.

What’s the purpose of community management?

Many types of businesses recognize the importance of community management, even though it is still somewhat undefined. Some brands hire community managers whose entire purpose is to maintain and upkeep the community they’ve built up. These managers also help to provide the ‘human element’ that will impart tone and voice to a brand.

While community management can stretch from real-life, physical events to mitigating product launches, social media community management is where many companies will see the most significant reach, and can act as the foundation for other forms of management.

Social media community management

Social media community management is where a brand engages and interacts with its community on sites like Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms where it has built its community. Sometimes, these platforms can also be spaces set up expressly for that community, such as a Reddit forum or Discord group.

Social media community management takes some effort, especially in building a follower base. However, some brands may already have an established social media presence with accumulated followers.

Why is social media community management important?

Social media community management humanizes a brand – it gives a brand a mouthpiece to show off its voice and speak, sometimes one-on-one, with a customer base. Replying to customer messages and comments, being authentic, and engaging in honest conversations will improve the picture of a brand within the eyes of its community.


Social media community management is also paramount to brand visibility and awareness. Social media allows businesses to access a massive audience and spread the word about their products, services, and values. 

Active engagement and presence on social media through community management can help to grow an audience as well. It helps new followers – and potential customers – learn what the brand is, what it stands for, and what kind of community they could be a part of by engaging as well. 


Social media community management can also be a golden opportunity to harvest feedback – both positive and negative. Customers are ready to make their opinions known on social media. Actively listening and reacting to this feedback in a proactive manner can not only lay the groundwork for making changes that the audience prefers, but it can show that the brand is willing to listen and grow. This can be especially useful in enhancing local search presence as well. 

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