Unexpected Ways That Working With A Marketing Agency Benefits Your Business


Key Takeaways

  • Marketing agencies are groups of experienced professionals who will work with your brand to tackle your digital marketing needs and optimize your site, sparking organic growth. 
  • The benefits of partnering with a marketing agency go beyond what you might expect. 
  • As opposed to hiring a new employee (or entire team) to handle marketing needs, a digital marketing agency is usually a more economic option in the long run. 
  • They’ll also be able to access more digital marketing tools and resources, and will provide an experienced, proven skillset with fresh ideas to your team.

As new trends emerge and digital platforms grow, the demand for marketing support is increasing. As a result, many businesses are turning to agencies specializing in helping them grow instead of hiring more people for their internal teams. The good news is that marketing agencies are an excellent investment for many businesses and can be instrumental in helping you meet your goals.

Keep reading to learn more about what a marketing agency is, how it helps, and how a marketing agency benefits businesses.

What is a marketing agency?

So, what is a marketing agency, anyway? 

At a basic level, a marketing agency is a team of marketing experts who work with businesses to help them manage and improve their marketing strategies. Marketing agencies commonly focus on efforts like link building, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and content creation.

Marketing agencies are usually run by a group of people with different specialties. The agency structure varies, but employees often focus on parts of the work based on their interests and experiences. For example, marketing agencies may have someone leading social media and someone else leading content generation. These two, and everyone on the team, work together to create the best possible outcome for clients.

Benefits of hiring a marketing agency

Partnering with a marketing agency has a lot of benefits for businesses. Aside from elevating your brand’s performance, marketing agencies can provide support in some unexpected ways. Here are five of the main benefits of hiring a marketing agency.

It saves time and money – really

It may be surprising that hiring a marketing agency is usually a way for businesses to save money. One survey found that over 27% of people hesitate to hire a marketing agency because they worry it is too expensive. However, the reality is that partnering with a marketing agency is less costly than hiring another full-time employee to focus on marketing efforts.

This collaboration will also save your business time. Especially for small businesses, time is valuable – partnering with a marketing agency enables your business to shift focus to other priorities. 

Furthermore, marketing agencies empower you to reach your goals quicker than you otherwise would. With an agency dedicated specifically to your marketing goals, your business will often meet checkpoints like expanding your reach and customer base more effectively.

Access to more resources

Marketing agencies often work with brands that offer resources you may want access to. For instance, agencies may have a go-to website builder or email marketing system that they partner with to do their work. 

Another place you’ll save money when you partner with a marketing agency is the numerous tools needed for site-building, optimization, keyword research, link-building, and other processes necessary to amp up your SEO game. Tools like these provide important insights and improve strategy, but they are usually too expensive for businesses to justify independently purchasing if they’re not specializing in marketing.

Agencies like Redefine Marketing Group invest in SEO tools or content management systems so clients don’t have to. By working with a marketing agency, you can gain access to advanced tools and experts who know how to use them to benefit your business. They’re also usually at the forefront of search engine algorithm updates and can help you update your pages appropriately.

Different perspectives

An underrated benefit of hiring a marketing agency is adding new people to your team. Everyone has their own ideas and working styles. So, not only do marketing professionals bring their skills and knowledge to their work, but they also bring their unique perspectives on how else to grow and improve your business.

When you enlist the help of a marketing agency, they will likely bring ideas you haven’t thought of before based on their skills and prior successes. These new concepts could help you reach your audience and improve your bottom line. Fresh ideas could also help you gain a new perspective on your work and gather inspiration for other aspects of your work. After all, partnering with a marketing agency is exactly that: a partnership.

Both sides, the client and the SEO agency, bring their unique insights and points of view to the conversation.

Build your team’s knowledge base

The great thing about working with experts is that you can learn from them to gain knowledge on your team. Among the marketing agency benefits include the wealth of knowledge and experience they apply to your business – knowledge you can pick up on, too. 

This gives your team a unique opportunity to expand your marketing knowledge based on the strategies an agency implements in your work. You and your team can use these tips and tricks later to benefit your business and improve your result down the line.

Specialized skills

Marketing agencies are often structured in a way where different people have different focuses. This means that experts will approach your business with unique and specialized skills which can help your business with your strategy. 

Marketing agencies will focus more on specific- but crucial – parts of your brand strategy. SEO and marketing agencies ensure you have a comprehensive strategy tailored to your needs and designed to meet your goals.

Should I partner with a marketing agency?

Should you partner with a marketing agency? Hiring a marketing agency is often more cost-effective than hiring an additional employee and allows current employees to focus on other business priorities. 

Many marketing agencies offer a wide range of services and have consultants who specialize in certain areas, giving you access to more expertise than you would otherwise be able to use.

At Redefine Marketing Group, we offer SEO, social media, content marketing, and other digital marketing services to support your business. Our team comprises subject matter experts who will get to know your brand one-on-one. We work with you to provide personalized SEO-powered strategies that will lead to organic growth. Contact us to get started today!

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