Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses have the toughest fight to stay in a market. Luckily, the internet helps level the playing field and allows small businesses to compete with global businesses. Here are some tips to help small businesses from the experts at Redefine Marketing Group.

83% of people doing a local search want to make a same-day purchase.

Did you know?

75% of local searchers visit the business within 24 hours.

30% result in a purchase.

Content Manager


Create content regularly. Content marketing isn’t an on and off switch, you won’t see instant results (unless you go viral), but over time, you’ll start to notice the increased interactions and traffic.

Content Marketing



Although a bit more complicated, it’s important that all websites are ADA compliant. This adds another level of trust in the site as well as can provide additional ranking signals to search engines.

ADA Compliance

Marketing Coordinator


After a long day, it can be hard to jump on Instagram and respond to comments but, actively engaging with your followers is key. This small change can make a world of difference for engagement and, ultimately, foot traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Don't have time to implement these tips?

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