Five Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing

  • Content marketing isn’t easy, and results don’t happen overnight.
  • Don’t waste your time on platforms your audience isn’t using and deactivate or delete the accounts you don’t plan on using. 
  • Always be open to trying new and inventive strategies.
  • Avoid scaring off your customers with too many sales-heavy posts.

You might be asking yourself, “I always hear the phrase content marketing, but what does it mean?” According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

In today’s lightning-speed society, where everything is just a click or a YouTube tutorial away, it’s not surprising that we see the same content marketing misconceptions over and over. So many businesses and brands make the same mistakes with their marketing efforts yet don’t even realize they are doing it. 

So, let’s break down the top marketing misconceptions and how you can get out of your own way to ensure your business reaches its full potential.

Content marketing is simple 

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Sure, anyone can create content. But that doesn’t mean it’s good content or that it’ll resonate with your target audience. The very purpose of content marketing is to gain the trust and eventually the customer’s business by sharing information, and that information needs to be strategized. You can’t just upload a post or two and consider the job done. Instead, you have to develop a plan to ensure that each piece of content reaches your audience. 

When is your target audience active on social media? What types of content are getting the most engagement? Knowing this is a considerable advantage, allowing you to develop a successful game plan. For example, honing in on the types of content your potential customers engage with most makes it easier to create material that gets shared and shared frequently. 

You have to use every platform 

A big marketing misconception is that you need to utilize every platform. Most people don’t use every platform under the sun, and neither should your business. It’s way more challenging and less effective trying to lead people to a place they aren’t visiting regularly, so narrow your focus to the areas they do. 

Maybe your customers skew younger, so TikTok makes the most sense. Are they older? Then Facebook might be the answer. Just remember that if you decide a platform isn’t working, deactivate or delete the account. You don’t want it to appear like you aren’t engaging with your audience. This can lead to soiling your brand’s online reputation and potentially driving customers to seek out other businesses.

Results happen overnight 

Patience isn’t anyone’s default setting. It’s easy to turn into Veruca Salt and expect fast results for the things you want. But the odds of your content making the internet explode, even if you’re pushing quality content, is pretty slim. The name of the game is consistency. Consistent, quality interactions over time will lead to a loyal audience. It’s normal for results to take six to nine months, or even longer, to see the fruits of your labor. But a slow burn marketing strategy can eventually grow your business out of an audience that stays long past your 24-hour Instagram story.

No room for new strategies 

Another marketing misconception is that you should only stick to tried and true strategies. If you’re living on earth, you’ve seen how the pandemic changed what we thought we knew about marketing overnight. The Harvard Business Review recently shared an article stating how the universal truths we knew about marketing were now dust in the wind. So you have to pay attention to new and dynamic technology and adapt to the changing times. What previously resonated with your audience might now seem out of touch, and a good marketing agency knows how to keep content aligned with the current climate. 

How can you be sure that what you’re sharing is working? Good ol’ fashioned trial and error. Pay close attention to the response you get from your followers, and they’ll help guide you to creating the most successful content. 

Only promoting yourself 

Lastly, a massive marketing misconception we see put into practice is that businesses will only promote their goods and services. Wouldn’t you be more likely to share a post that provides a bit of wisdom or humor rather than just a traditional ad? Pique the interest of your audience about what your business focuses on in the big picture. For example, do you sell artisanal cat food? A funny reel featuring crazy kittens would be a welcome respite from the deluge of sales copy. A great tool is the 80/20 rule; 80% of your content should be entertaining and informative, while 20% helps push brand awareness and contains a call to action.

Let the experts help 

If content marketing were a breeze, we’d all be billionaires by now. While these marketing misconceptions can be frustrating, they are also avoidable. Have faith in your followers to stick with you while developing your brand’s voice, be patient, and stay consistent. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to establishing a genuine connection with your audience.

Need help? We’d be glad to help. 

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Michael Gomez
Michael was an in-house and freelance content writer before joining the team at Redefine Marketing Group. He is now the Content Manager at RMG, where he focuses primarily on content creation but helps with SEO and Social Media. Michael graduated from CSU Channel Islands with a degree in English.
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